Here we go! 我們開始吧!

Ready set... Have you met robotcar Poli? 預備...你認識救援小英雄波力嗎?

Always there, Anywhere. He's here to help you and me.無論何時何地,他都準備好要幫助你我。

With his dream, rescue team, Robocar Poli.帶著夢想和團隊,救援小英雄波力。

Racing by, flying high. They're all as brave as can be!全速前進或是飛到高空,他們都非常勇敢。

Poli! He's a hero through and through.波力,他是完全的英雄。

Roy! He is brave and strong and true.羅伊,他勇敢強壯且真誠。

Amber! She is smart and friendly, too.安寶,她聰明又友善。

Helly! He's your buddy way up hight in the sky.赫利,他是你飛在空中的好朋友。

When you're in need. It's guaranteed, robocar Poli當你有需要的時候,我敢向你保證,

is on the way to save the day. 救援小英雄波力已經在前往拯救危機的路上。

Oh, it's amazing to see. 噢!看起來真是神奇。

He's your friend until the end, robocar Poli. 救援小英雄波力,他永遠都是你的好朋友。

 Without a doubt, shout it out, robocar, Poli. 毫不猶豫地大喊吧!救援小英雄波力!



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